Hudson Fiber Network

Hudson Fiber Network (HFN) is a provider of high-bandwidth, low-latency fiber transport and networking solutions to enterprise, financial, and carrier customers around the world. Headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey, HFN has a fiber network comprised of more than 50 interconnected points of presence and on-net enterprise buildings primarily concentrated in the metro markets of New York/New Jersey, Chicago, and Toronto.

HFN was seeking to partner with a private equity firm that could provide liquidity to the founding shareholders, and additional capital and resources to facilitate fiber network construction, strategic acquisitions, and accelerated organic revenue growth.

Q Advisors explored several private equity options and procured multiple offers with a variety of attractive structural options for HFN. A leveraged recapitalization with Tiger Infrastructure Partners provided HFN’s shareholders liquidity at an attractive valuation as well as incremental performance-based consideration, while allowing them to maintain a significant minority position in the company. Moreover, the Tiger Infrastructure partnership brought invaluable financial, strategic, and operational support to drive accelerated growth and network expansion.

"We have been working with the Q Advisors team for five years,” say Brett Diamond and Keith Muller, HFN’s co-founders. “Simply put, they deliver and give unbiased advice that is always in the best interest of their clients. A few years ago, despite having attractive offers, they counseled us to wait to take on a private equity partner. They put our interests before their own interests. The process they ran this year brought us a wide range of transaction choices. Q Advisors helped us pick the right partner for Hudson Fiber. They were advocates in the negotiation process and the support provided by the whole Q Advisors team was well beyond what traditional investment banks provide to their clients. They were true partners in the process. We are excited about our new partnership with Tiger Infrastructure Fund and look forward to many more transactions with the Q Advisors team.“

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