Global Fintech Series - The Future Face of Cloud Native Computing

In thisGlobal Fintech Series article, Q Advisors discusses the impact of cloud native computing and the role of container-based applications.

In the evolution of computing, we are on the precipice of what many call The Fourth Wave. At the outset computers utilized a mainframe, then moved to client-server computing architectures in the 1990s. Third came server virtualization, as we have seen for the last decade of flourishing VMware. Now, digital transformationis driving the adoption of a new application development and deployment approach: cloud native, a burgeoning IT revolution. This ultra-modern IT approach is enabled by powerful new technology known as containers, an approach to operating system virtualization where applications can move easily from developer to testing to production. Perhaps more importantly, containers move seamlessly from machine to cloud, a major upgrade over current virtual machine setups. As we will see, the ramifications of cloud native computing in the form of container-based applications are significant.

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